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How many fairy tales and created films about bears. It began in ancient times, when people worshiped almost all the forces of nature, the elements and the generation of their nature - Water, wind, thunder and the sun. In the Nordic countries, in particular - in the areas where our ancestors lived, and their neighbors with deep historical bottom rises a huge reservoir of beliefs - the trees and the animals were always there. Vast forests were full of mysteries and dangers and hunters going in search of food, fell into a world that is not inspire confidence and was very dangerous for life. What could appease the terrible and merciless forest spirits, in whose hands the man was a simple little grain of sand? Of course - the ritual dances, tales, songs and legends that are not just cajoled and praised all the unknown and mighty, including animals. And who, according to legends was a true master of the forest - of course, Bear. Despite the fact that it is the most fearsome inhabitants of European forests, there is no fairy tale or legend, where he attributed the improper and bad deeds. Moreover, often bear is enchanted prince, a hero or just - good hero. Today, Bear, Mishutka mighty Bear - the personification of force and power. Today, virtually nothing has changed. This is confirmed by the free online flash games on the Bears site qwertygame. com, where the bear has been almost all those things that are inherent to the common man. He gathers berries and honey, working in the garden, has a cozy cabin in the woods and, of course, the same - so catch all your favorite bear family fish. Feed themselves and their family, as well as relatives and neighbors - it is the strength fisherman bear. How he catches - it depends on your help. But in fact he needed to catch fish, fry and give to those who come after her. It would seem that children's story, but love them all. Highlights Bears games, play online - no registration can be found on site and testing Enjoy games, will help meet a bear cubs screwed on them as much fish as they can carry and eat. So you definitely need help leisurely fisherman - take a bowl of freshly caught fish, lay it on the grill, roast thoroughly good and attentive to a crisp, then add in the box and give the cubs ran. Kids and they need a lot of exceptionally well-done, not burnt fish. If all the fish will not be enough to help her catch the broad and tranquil river. But not only catch and cook fish can bear. He has a lot of responsibilities and a wide variety of cases. This busy life so some people may envy. This wonderful and inexhaustible subject can not meet, not only in the volume of the slot, but also in the volume of the entire partition. A wide variety of flash games and the most entertaining storylines are so attractive that the free online flash games on the Bears site qwertygame. com. Today fans can find all the nuances of the study bear life - schoolchildren, students, businessmen and mothers of families, mature ladies and gentlemen, gray-haired veterans of the retirement age. All grown up on the wonderful tales about the three bears, bear - master of the forest and many equally interesting stories. Highlights Bears games, play online - without registering, you can at any time and in any place. This can be a subway car train and bus workplace during regular school break and change. Sections of the site are very big - from the newest and most interesting flash game, where the characters are white, brown and clumsy variety of colors and shades. Here you will meet with Chinese cute pandas and dangerous grizzly cubs to innocent little help and even pouchastvuete Battles with pesky penguins, being a polar bear. So fun and exciting has never been.
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