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Among the huge number of modern computer games today almost no one person who would once in his life did not try to play games Pyramid, trying to make moves at least as quickly as possible than all the other players playing solitaire. Pyramid game became known to man since ancient times, this beautiful game that can develop care and observation, in the most ancient clock became the main occupation, which devotes those rare moments of relaxation, which managed to carve out. Over time, the game Pyramid not become less popular, but quite the contrary. Today, the rapid development of technology and invention of the personal computer and the Internet have brought to every house a chance to enjoy playing the game Pyramid. Classical representative flash game Pyramid Solitaire is the same name "pyramid". Those who chose for themselves Pyramid flash games, does not regret the time that they spend for solving the puzzle. Thus, according to the rules of flash games available Pyramid player has several stacks of cards. One of the stacks of cards spread out on the playing field in the form of series. The tip of the pyramid is the one card, followed by two cards, after three cards and so to the base, which can be seven cards. In the second stack of cards are the remaining cards that do not participate in the scenario Pyramid flash game, but one player in the game is always free Pyramid can use to cope with the problem of flash games and collect Pyramid Solitaire. If free Pyramid game you can not collect the first time, that's no reason to despair. Free Game Pyramid always equipped with a function as a "setback" that will allow the player to take a few steps back and return to the place where he believes he made a mistake and that you can always try again to collect free games Pyramid. But even if the Pyramid games online can not be collected because it simply does not add up and this is also not a reason to despair, all games Pyramid, online you can start again and try once more to collect such a fascinating game of solitaire. And maybe this time the player will carry much more. Besides the classic pyramids on the Internet in large numbers presented Pyramid games online that you can join at any time. So one of the most widely known Pyramid games can be called a game called "the curse of the mummy." The game is quite a unique one for such a popular game among players around the world as a card game. In this game, like in the classical version of the player on the screen represented a pyramid of cards, which are to be removed from the board by strictly following all the rules of the game. By the way with all the rules of the game are available before you start to implement them. The player is on hand has only three cards that are entitled to use the food to pick from the cards spread out in a pyramid, steam map. Each card in the hands of the player and the pyramid has its own importance. In sum, the pair found cards must score thirteen points. For example, the map "six" and a map of "seven" in the amount of give such necessary thirteen points. Once the necessary pair of cards is found, it simply disappears. If you think that this game is so simple, you are wrong. Remove from the screen can only be those cards are not locked neighboring card. The player also has the ability to choose for themselves a comfortable level of difficulty. Therefore, the player need maximum effort and attention in order to remove all the cards from the field. The game is played for a while, so those players who want to take first place in the standings, will have to hurry up a bit and try to as quickly as possible to cope with the game and collect solitaire.
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