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Games about robots - one of the favorite leisure male. Iron Man Tony Stark, multiple transformers, led by Optimus Prime, kind and helpful Valley, evil and insidious terminator, and the cheeky brutal Bender from Futurama - all of these characters are waiting for wanting to play in robots that can be made directly on this page of our website. In the first place you expect the game about robots, offering free to roam and fight both on our planet and beyond, including all sorts of games quests involving robots. Separate genre that you will love - it is the confrontation of robots and heroes known films: Ranger, Ninja Turtles Ben 10, and even Sponge Bob decided to test their strength and fighting with robots. And when you get tired of jumping, explore and shoot a fantastic weapons (if that ever happens) - you know that the robots to play online for free can be a different way, for example, look for hidden objects in the picture, or visit the chess tournament, where your opponent will be a robot . In the future we will have automated life in which robots will be on every corner. Iron friends will help in the stores, gas stations and movie theaters. While we only dream about this, but the heroine of Monster High are already using robots to perform spa treatments.
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