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Who is the most famous in the world of the archer? That's right, Robin Hood: he is brave, able and honorable - because so popular and well known. And if you will compete with the courage of his abilities by fighting in the game Archers? No less known about the game Archers characters such as Cupid, Scottish Princess Merida, even SpongeBob has decided to play an archer on our site. Particular attention should be paid to the games, which, archery, you need to save a person from the gallows, was sentenced to death: Mario, for example, saved from the gallows Sonic, and whom thou shalt be saved? In the genre of the archer to play online Spartans want with the Indians, and the elves with the samurai. You can feel yourself in the image of ancient hunters, playing an archer on our website. Games about the archers are very diverse: from simple, where you need to cut the rope arrow, to more complex games on the accuracy and hit the desyatochku. But the most complex and fascinating - quests rpg where you play an archer, and solve many other problems.
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