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Who among us has not dreamed to be the owner of this castle? Boys barricades of furniture and created his kingdom, which was necessary to protect and defend against the attacks of enemies. Nowadays, thanks to modern computer technology childhood dream became a reality. Protection of the castle flash game - it's a great opportunity to realize a childhood dream! Flash games castle defense strategy belong to the genre. The main goal is to protect your castle from the constant attacks of enemies from neighboring villages and settlements. Castle is the object of desire of many conquerors, so attempts to attack it will haunt you for the rest of the castle defense flash games online. Once finished the fight with a foe, will soon begin a new one. What do you want to have a lock - troublesome, but damn enjoyable. During the defense of the castle flash game, to help you and your soldiers provided an arsenal of weapons and watchtowers. Your task is to properly organize the defense of his castle. It affects their future. Flash protection lock flash games are very similar to each other. So, the enemies move towards the castle along the winding paths and from different angles, which makes it harder defense. Castle, as the protagonist of the castle defense online flash games has a certain number of lives. Each game offers gamers their number. Active attacks and penetration of enemies in the castle, a direct impact on his life. To make free flash games castle defense maximum interesting companies - developers divide the enemy forces into several categories. Each of them can cause some damage to the castle. Castle defense flash games for free have different levels of complexity. In principle, such a game can play everything: both adults and small children. The main thing - to choose the flash protection lock flash games. But whatever the difficulty level you choose for yourself, one thing remains unchanged - it is necessary to know how to develop a defense strategy. When you first try to play free flash games castle defense, it is best to start with the simplest of games. They serve as an excellent trainer for you. All - again, to be a military strategist - it's not so easy. Go from simple to complex. In developing a defensive strategy plays a huge role tower construction. Many beginners flash games castle defense mistakenly believe that is enough to put a large amount of perimeter towers, and you can breathe a sigh of relief as the entire defensive work they do themselves. This is not entirely true. It is important to calculate the correct location of the tower and the damage that it can cause the enemy. This is the meaning of the castle defense flash game - in your ability to organize the defense. We guarantee that the first losses from the enemy will bring you great pleasure. There's nothing better than watching on actually running the scheme you come up with your own. Somewhat later, a little podnatorev in this case, you can play free flash games castle defense with your friends, creating unbeatable military coalition. Many companies - developers offer us free castle defense flash game in which you can independently choose their opponent. It could be your friends and colleagues. Flash games castle defense online are able to develop in a human logical thinking, ingenuity. That is what makes flash games castle defense free so popular and in demand worldwide. In the vast expanse of the Internet, it is now possible to find a huge number of similar games. Each of them - his interesting and noteworthy. Moreover, there are game in 3D. As they say, the full effect of presence. That's what technology has reached.
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