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Transformers - robots that can transform itself, the origin of which there are several legends. According to one of them, the mechanisms under the influence of a mysterious substance energon evolved and acquired intelligence. According to another, the forefather of the Transformers - Primus giant, transformed into a planet of Cybertron, habitat for race Transformers. Which of these legends to believe - the choice is yours, in any case play Transformers fun and exciting. Games Transformers robots will love the boys, because here you have to participate in the battles for the sake of a great goal. And maybe even get a chance to participate in the War for Cybertron. And when you get tired of the fights can be fun and different - in tranformery play online, using logic and imagination. A variety of free games tranformery collected on this page of our website, you will find among them the fight, races, quests, games to find items, paint and even dress up. We invite young heroes - the game Transformers robots are waiting for you!
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