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Bicycle invented long ago. Highway a little later. Man would cease to respect yourself, if in the early 20th century, not combined these, at first glance, it is not associated things. Not just joined, and even turned into a very spectacular view and why hold back enough income, sport. Since the invention of time has passed, which made it possible to unify the general rules and develop the basic laws of the highway cycling. Them in the world, there are several types, united by common goals and pursuing similar goals. One problem, as far as possible to drive, too, one goal - to pass it "as far as possible", as soon as possible. Get the leader's jersey at some stage (stages a few) and sprinkle exultant crowd of onlookers from a large bottle of champagne. Different stages on the length, complexity and material rewards. In those countries where these steps are carried out, (and there are only two countries - Italy and France, Belgium does not count), the race is a genuine interest of the viewers. They stand along the route and are looking forward to when the leader will appear, or a contender for the leadership, or (and this is most often) - formed when a bunch of height in a small mound of cyclists and bike - it's spectacular when you consider that participation in such races sometimes takes up to three hundred people. In short, an unforgettable spectacle and passes it only once a year. But what about the others, those who can not participate in memorable performances? There is a way out of the stalemate To such people the human intellect, in any case, did not remain indifferent. Personal computer - their response to the challenges of our time. Without any visas and travel can be tiring to become not only the audience, but also a direct participant in cycling. Participant Cycling Game - Tour de France, which fully complies with all the twists and turns of this struggle for the leader's jersey until the complete copy of the landscape and features of this type of road racing. Even the scenery and texture features jerseys in velovsadnikah correspond to what was in the last Tour de France races. Participants Cycling games on endurance and speed, one can select the rider and bicycle, which are displayed in a special table where the best riders and results show the parameters of all kinds of bicycles participating in the race. Play all Not to be tied to a PC at home, save flash games Cycling for a variety of portable devices. In no way inferior, despite the fact that are made specifically for flash games Cycling with a very high quality level of graphics and a variety of conditions through the levels. Cycling for flash games, specially designed unique graphic design, designed to level the display resolution. Therefore, flash games Cycling specially elaborated detail and attention paid to the subjects may not be as necessary for functional as to improve the overall picture. Very often, in order to facilitate access to the game offered free Cycling games without conceding a paid counterparts. Especially that Cycling free games that are not limited by the terms of use and the need to look for all kinds of keys and "cracks". Stunts BMX, BMX Ramp - free games Cycling is a different level of difficulty and conditions of passage. Also free games Cycling - X Rider and Toon Rally, in which many different kinds of obstacles and routes and all sorts of obstacles. Fans of "Live" may become parties Cycling games online. In Cycling games online advantages, among which, directly involved in the game in real time and in the presence of the opponent's net. All games are not designed for Cycling super professionals, and are designed for the tenacity and stubbornness in achieving its goals. Games Cycling - good simulator and trainer before to participate in the online game. Because the game online, real opponent, even if it is not located behind the wheel of a bicycle. The keyboard is also a good test for skill.
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