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Medieval blows. Gloomy arches, bonfires. Witch Hunt. Howling of wolves and the full moon. But if it is strongly scare myself. There is also the concept of "viselny humor"? Exists. So no wonder. Hangman game on the principle developed in many different directions and with different dose blotches of black humor. Where a gothic tinge, where "country" style (as we know, in the recent past, not quite yet the United States - this form of execution was very popular). By the way, the beginning of one of American westerns, like, a series of vivid was the "westernized" Variations on a Theme: Hangman game featuring Texas shepherds - cowboys in the original. But the first sample Hangman game was invented paper and with pretensions to intellectuality. The essence of the first game Hangman was the fact that it was attended by two people. Depicted on paper silhouette of gallows with a noose. Leading guessing word and drew the number of squares corresponding to the number of letters in the hidden word. Another participant referred to the alleged letter - if he guessed, the letter is entered in the box, if not, to a loop on the gallows dorisovyvaetsya head and so consistently, in case of failure, the remaining parts of the body - torso, arms and legs. There were options with hands and legs with feet, but it was a rarity. That is - a good vocabulary, and instant response of the brain, could save the doomed. From paper to screen Paper served its invaluable service. And the basis for implementation on a flash game Hangman, became North American motifs. The essence of a flush Hangman game is that there is actually a gallows on which hangs the condemned or doomed (does not matter). There are at the disposal of party flash game Hangman bow and arrows. Task - to try to cut as accurately as possible and release an arrow loop doomed. But party flash game Hangman shall also hit, and still have the speed. Because in vitro, near doomed steadily decreasing vitality. And if you linger with a shot or take too long to practice hit, leaving the condemned life, and he - the earth. With each level the task is complicated by the cowboy-liberator. Faces unexpected obstacles in unexpected places. With a growing number of geometric progression gallows. Coping is becoming harder and harder. In principle, in order not to waste time, you can arrange a training process, using as an option, free hangman game, where the conditions are the same, but at the time the acquisition of skill and dexterity are given more, it is in principle not limited at all. Mance Free Hangman game can safely proceed to the main - earning bonuses and extra levels of passage, which in each version of the game for about thirty. Download Free Games Hangman not make any problems. Especially because free games Hangman do not require activation of additional keys or license renewals. Access to network - cowards There will be players who are not satisfied too localized area of ​​the fight against injustice. To find such an option Hangman games online. Here is where you can see and gamers and they also seem. Clearly, in the case of participation in Hangman games online mode involves the implementation launch arrows alternately. Check here and tried and tested skills. There is also the development of the paper version of the game Hangman electronically. It consists in the fact that someone is hanging in the loop, the other one can save him, but before this game Hangman, you must choose the weapon. After selecting a weapon, a blank field with missing letters that you need to guess. Each incorrect answer, mutilation hanging "somebody" from someone guesses. This option is very difficult to play on moral grounds, it is better to turn to online version. In online, somehow quieter, maybe because of the fact that not all sad consequences are visible.
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