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What a way to turn an innocent child's play into a kind of fighting without rules, where numerous bruises, are indisputable evidence of good preparation. And this child's play comes from a cloudless childhood and loved her children of both sexes. Yes, it is not really called euphemistically - Dodgeball games corresponded to time. The timing was terrible, era untitled. But this game was a unifying force in the struggle for a better future for children. Essence Bouncers playing outdoors, away from the stuffy atmosphere of pioneering Zorek and Komsomol sunsets. Participants in the game became bouncers against each other and took possession of the ball (the ball was heavier, the better). Between the two players in the game Bouncers middle ages and different sexes bustling bunch of guys. Standing in front of throwing the ball to each other, pretending that what is happening in the middle of no interest to them. But the task just was throwing the ball to teammate contrary, accidentally fall into any of those who created the extras in the middle. If the ball hits the victim out of the game. If the ball, and it happened and is deftly crept someone from extras, that someone was making "life" and has already received two points fireproof reserve. The game could last for hours, because fortune, wagging its tail, it was for one team, then for another. Golden time is over. Began an era of continuous positivism, lucre and indiscriminate globalism. This era requires very different heroes. And children's game based on pure perception of the world, became an unwitting prototype completely different games. Here is how this game now. First, I must say that the bouncers at this difficult segment era - a record in the workbook. This activity has become a profession, the profession is not easy. So, the group is divided into two teams of three people each. Becomes opposite to each other and starts with the whole "vyshibalovoy" force throw basketballs, trying to hit an opponent in the head. The one in whom hurl must show remarkable wonders of the reaction and to evade shots. Dodge does not always work. Received full weight on the head with a basketball in a mass multiplied by the force of the throw, the victim twice, makes a valiant attempt to become operational. More than two times, no one worked. Scenario of this intellectual class was the basis for the creation of flash Dodgeball game in which not all so vividly, as in life, but the general outline is saved. Another basis for flash games Bouncers built on the principle of the children's version only - the middle is the "victim", and players who want to clear it by 4 and not on opposite sides, and from all. Red and gray balls - are hunters. You are in this game - the victim. All flash games Bouncers in principle, bear the imprint of vampirism. They just so many species that one transfer will take a lot of time and place. For flash games Bouncers functional characteristic easy, put on a very accessible interface. Graphic parameters correspond to the parameters supported by the display. Very popular free games Bouncers, based paid versions, but with truncated opportunities and fewer levels. Bouncers also free games that have all the capabilities of the graphics resolution, but with depleted colors. Find Free Games Bouncers can be on a dedicated server, as well as free games Bouncers can be located on the resources specializing in the promotion and advertising of video games. You can arrange to Do competitions where Dodgeball games will take place in the network between the various representatives. Bouncers also games you can spend as competition for the championship, with the awarding of the title - the best bouncer in the network. To play Bouncers characteristically colorful design style nightclubs, actually the place where it all happens. Dodgeball game resources consume very small. If tiring to continue to play one game, you can apply for online support. The system is always a lot of things online and for every taste.
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