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A story of how this game is already heavily overgrown beard, in the wilds of which is difficult to separate the myths from the true information, which is accompanied by an essay on the way and encouraged the promotion of successful project. That the project was successful, at least confirms the fact that in 2013 saw the light of the fourth part of the game. Successful projects always generate feverish work on a sequel, and other trikvelov velov to a certain point, when to stop and think, is there a reason to continue. Some spawn five parts, and then shame do not know where to put the eye (an allusion to the "Die Hard 5"). Money will disperse and shame will not go anywhere. However, once a fourth part of the work Thief game in many respects worthy, I would like to get back to basics, and from there, from the depths of time, try to figure out why such a success and how it is caused. The game's plot Thief game, again, decent, in fact simple as drawing a Kalashnikov. But something and it's all brilliant - just. Imagine the Victorian-era England, in this style of game space is organized thief in which to return the prodigal son of the colonial empire - a Garrett, a professional thief, and Robin Hood turvy. In a city where the game character returns thief ruled evil tyrant with a rare nickname Baron. In the city of plagues and rich though that - eat and drink, fornicate. Looking closer to this drunken mess, Garrett decides that such a bedlam can take care of their own welfare, without much damage to their own health and well-established views on freedom. That's the whole story. It is certainly not in the plot, and, as always, in its filling. Garrett must overcome different kinds of obstacles, which is crammed with fabric of the game. Apply the acquired skills of stealth and violence resorted to only in extreme cases. Should follow the changes of the environment, to be invisible to the guards. If it izoblichat - trouble not wait long. In the arsenal of Garrett has a special mode, in which he entered sees what he can not see in everyday life. Intelligent system for the game is full of tips, hidden passages and loopholes that can be detected only after committing a series of actions. It is possible to use weapons, and certain of its kind to certain characters. After accumulating a sufficient amount Garrett have the opportunity to restock and improve equipment. You can steal mobile Garrett's appearance on the flash chips, Thief game is not spoiled and not diminish popularity, moreover, became available on devices that are very large number of fans of the game. Now she is developing new space flash Thief game noticeably added level of popularity. In developing flash games Thief were considered failures and annoying omissions which compares unfavorably with the experiments of game developers on other stuff. It was considered almost everything: the specificity of the scene, and contrast lighting as Garrett likes to work mostly at night. And the richness of texture filling cityscapes. The game's plot is simple enough, but the problem with the passage of a particular location, are ongoing. Not to look in the eyes of some townsfolk Inspector Lestrade, worth obkatat your skills using Free Thief game where less labor is necessary to invest in solving puzzles and you can always return to the starting point location. Especially because Thief free games do not require registration procedures, search keys and other little things that detracts from solving the main problem. Therefore, free games Thief include all parts of which were published, and free games Thief help in solving more complex properties. You can also try his luck by taking part in the game Thief games online destinations. Connecting to the game Thief games online destinations will be interesting to fight not with an intelligent brain computer and with real people and trace differences machine and human thought. All the thief has an official certificate of origin, and confirm that the thief games tailored to the wishes of the consumer. In medium weight online forums devoted to the rules and characteristics of the passing game. Also in the online mode, you can communicate with the players.
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