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One of the best animated forges today is the studio Pixar animation department of Disney, which recently decided to produce a game Valley. First position while the game does not take, because there are very talented creators of games from the team Dreamworks, but they are not particularly between competing. It should be noted that the Valley of the game - it's mostly exciting arcade game that can be played by both children and adults. Also, the entertainment filled with humorous jokes and philosophical thoughts. At the same time it is a popular meeting Valley, as the robot touching the modern world. The main plot of flash games Valley lies in the fact that based on consoles and unknown to science tells about a small, but very hardworking robot (its original name can be deciphered as a washer or tracked Universe Annihilator, which monitors the cleanliness of the world). Playing in the Valley games online, you will immediately realize that this is the only creature that has managed to survive the harsh conditions after a powerful Apocalypse. While thousands remained on the ground like he, but they are scattered all over the planet, so do not even know each other. And the reality is becoming more severe, because the machines were left to fend for themselves, die very quickly, because there are no additional batteries. And only play games Valley helps to understand each person that he is the only and the most powerful. He every day and performs its task compresses all thrown things after receiving a neat cubes, while looking after only his friend - a cockroach. Everything changes when the robot is the only one in the world trailing green plant to the sun, which symbolizes that the conditions on the planet became habitable and now people can come back here. His life and continues, as evidenced by the ability to play games Valley until until you get near Eva - landed droid spy, which collects information about the level of pollution of the planet that was once blue. Of course, the Valley could not resist such a sweet sibling and now in love with her and begin the adventure of a couple, and you must help them to land humans on Earth and begin again to live here. It should be noted that free games Valley is a great opportunity for every person to plunge into an incredible feeling robots and love them as if they were real. During the passage of the game's plot, bude two main locations before the player - it is polluted planet and giant spaceship, which moves all the abode of mankind Free Games Valley. In the Valley of the game interesting to play, despite the fact that the atmosphere in general is quite gray and toxic, and it is connected with the fact that particularly the first half Sigla filled with an interesting storyline. Also, the secret lies in a charming and sweet protagonist. Very interesting to see how he learns all the devices that were thrown away things, regardless of whether it be a harmonica or underwear. In the Valley of the game there is no violence, because each item found is the hero crazy surge of emotion that can be accompanied by a romantic or hilarious scenes. Much is the usual tube of paint, who discovered and tracked the hero begins to express specific emotions to it. While Eve he also expresses his feelings by drawing a red heart on the wall. All these flash games Valley, which capture and simultaneously forced to empathize with the protagonist. Very developers worked over and cut-scenes to Valley games became more interesting. We can say that Valley - it's really exciting product that does not cause the player longing throughout the game. From playing games Valley, be forewarned that this arcade game, which should take you a long time. Have to collect points, search for specific items, solve the most standard, but sometimes challenging puzzles, and get into fights with enemies, who will also appear in the path of the hero. Valley worth playing the game!
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