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If you are looking for some other mini-games that you could not find on other pages and even on other sites, you can be sure that you will not find them here either. Because we don't know what other games you need. But there are some mini-games here - so come on in.

Welcome to our website under the name of the other games. In this section you will find a bunch of games, playing in which you will not ever be able to deny themselves this pleasure, and will return again and again. What do you like more? What kind of games? What genre? This may be a shooter? Or are you a big fan of sports and strategies and shooters prefer a game of tennis? All those who are addicted to or even slightly connected with the online flash games are well aware and understand that genre in this field so that it would be quite difficult to find a person, which would not have found my favorite genre. And each any. Someone who likes Action, someone most of the race for the soul, and someone just sometimes comes to our site, to relax a little after a hard day and cheer yourself up by playing the games section of our gaming fun. But those are not the other does not pass away when not a single opinion and agree with the fact that, for example, the most logical game genre, that neither is the best online games which only can be. And so, this special section has been created for you. Here are collected the game is absolutely all genres, from sports games for different strategies and quests. The most popular online games. Everything is in order, so you can come here and blindly choose the most suitable for you and great games, not paying attention to the genre affiliation.
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