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Logic games presented on this page of our site are the best training for the brain. Logic games such as mazes, puzzles, chess and all kinds of puzzles are collected in this category. Logic games for all intellectuals are invited to play them right now.

Logic games from the origins to the present day

Welcome! If you are already tired of all sorts of action games, crashing shooters and strategies, we bring to your attention the section logic games. Now it is possible to develop logical thinking for free and online by making a couple of clicks on our website. Just go to this page and choose the game you like.

Today logic games are more popular than ever. After all, they are very easy to understand and convenient for office workers. In general, if you turn your eyes to the past and understand the history of the creation of computer games, it will become clear that logic games were the first entertainment for PC users. On the one hand, such games provide an opportunity to relax and switch over during monotonous office work, and on the other hand, they provide an opportunity to think, turn on thinking and be as attentive as possible.

Therefore, it was logic games that were the first to conquer the Internet at the dawn of its inception. Our section contains a variety of and, we hope, the best puzzles. We are absolutely sure that you will easily find a puzzle that will be of interest to you.

Three in a row and lines - popular logic games

  • Stone by stone. Everyone once played the electronic game Tetris as a child. And now an analogue of such a game has been invented, but in the opposite sense. Such logic games develop, first of all, logical thinking, the ability to quickly navigate in an environment of increased complexity. This game is very interesting and unpredictable. You can play it when you want to take a break from work, during a break, you can play at home to relax from everyday worries. Let your kids play logic games and you will see how well they do. Entering the game, you will see a field filled with bright multi-colored pebbles in front of you. These pebbles must be destroyed, but so that there are at least three of them in an unbreakable chain. When you see stones that have not burst on the side, and nothing can be done about them, then you can choose various methods that will help get rid of them. Your task is to free as many stones as possible on the field. At the bottom of the table is a count of the number of colored stones separately that you destroyed while playing such logic games. When they are destroyed, the pebbles acquire faces that are upset because of what happened.
  • Broken Gramophone. The fact is that the gramophone emits not sounds, but colored figures, help the Smeshariki fix it. These are logic games based on the principle of 3 in a row, shoot the figures, collect 3 to make them disappear.
  • Collect five. Your task in this game is to collect five balls of the same color in one row. It doesn't matter how you do it - horizontally or vertically! But just remember that this game (although other logic games usually do not) has a very high dynamism, and therefore a smooth and thoughtful development of game time will not work - the balls appear very quickly and can fill the entire playing space if you do not take action!
  • Sweet sweets. In this fun puzzle game genre, you have to use your knowledge of mathematics. The side of the screen indicates how many cakes you need to remove. You pick up the mouse and start clicking in those places where there are at least three identical goodies in one row. If you choose correctly, they will disappear and bring you points.
  • Ancient artifacts. Immerse yourself in the world of ancient Egypt! The game is accompanied by beautiful graphics and pleasant sound design. Your task in this game is to make identical blocks in a vertical row. Thus, logic games will help you score points, moving to a new level, where even more exciting quests will open before you.
  • The battlefield. Battle strategy is one of the most important branches of the art of war. By brute force alone, it is not always possible to turn the battle in one direction or another. Considerable intelligence is needed to hone one's martial arts. Solve logic games, tasks and puzzles, collect gems, put them in one row and earn points.

Children's logic games: puzzles and coloring

  • Logic puzzle games are waiting for their fans. In puzzle games, you need to solve puzzles with unusual shapes. Before you will be the shadow of the picture, and on the right of its parts, which must be taken with the mouse and applied to this shadow. Some of the pieces will have to be rotated a bit.
  • Coloring pages are included in the top popularity category of children's logic games. If you like cartoons, for example, about Dasha the Traveler, then you will like this coloring game with her participation! After all, your beloved Dasha and Slipper are waiting for you here, as well as the old troll who met on their way. It will be interesting to color friends also because they can be distinguished with bright colors against the background of the forest, the sky and the path along which they walk. Puzzle coloring games wish you a creative mood in another game based on the famous fairy tale. Which? The beauty and the Beast! You will discover a great coloring book for all lovers of the fairy tale of the same name. The author of the book is not good at drawing, he was only able to make a colorless sketch that you have to color. Fortunately, the author gave you a brush and a palette with an infinite number of shades (and all other coloring games have the same arsenal). Just click on the shade you like, and then on the place in the picture that you want to paint over with this shade.

Logic games for mindfulness development

  • Logic games about finding differences. The cute little duck in this game is very different from its other winged brothers and sisters. He is not as handsome as they are - that is why he suffers bullying from all the inhabitants of the lake. In the game, you will need to protect the little creature from everything that happens to him. But in order for the animal to become beautiful and beautiful, like adult swans, you will have to work hard - logic games give such an opportunity. It is necessary to find all the differences that exist between him and adults. That is why the game is filled with its colorfulness, interestingness and, in some places, complexity. The main thing that is required of you is attentiveness and perseverance. If a kid plays such logic games, then she will develop the best qualities in him. If something does not work out, then the player can use the hint to simplify the task. Difference games are an interesting entertainment that will take your breath away, because all the characters are realistic. One gets the impression that you are not sitting in front of the monitor, but are staying on this lake, where you noticed injustice and decide to protect your friend, who at the moment is in great need of help and support.
  • Search for hidden stars is an excellent representative of the logic games category. Such games are something from a series of "attention". Each level is presented as a screenshot from the Avengers movie. And in this very photograph, 15 stars are scattered in a chaotic manner. In the time allotted to you, you must find them all. Be careful! Each miss, clicking into the void, is punished by the loss of time. So, we play logic games carefully and accurately, enjoy our favorite characters in the pictures, scrolling through the events of the film in our heads.
  • Logic games about the hidden alphabet. Before you is a game where there is not a simple girl's bedroom. It has the letters of the alphabet. Your goal is to free the bedroom from letters. To do this, you need to delete the found letters with the mouse and they, when they disappear, will give you positive points. If you miss and click past, then the points will be taken away. Do you want to continue playing logic games as a detective-sleuth? You are welcome! In the next version of the game, you will meet many superheroes. Your task is to find the entire English alphabet hidden in the picture. Only after all the letters are found will you move on to the next level and admire the next hero. Find the letters and click on them with the mouse.

Logic games for young intellectuals

In the section of logic games and puzzles, there are many games that will appeal to even our youngest visitors. Colourful, exciting and just right for kids. Our little visitors will be delighted to help the lonely animal find its way home, where his big family is waiting for him. It is noteworthy that all logic games have one thing in common: none of our visitors, not a child, not an adult, a boy or a girl, they will not make you bored.

Of course, in addition to other advantages, logic games contain the following important function: they help our brain not to relax once again and perfectly train memory, logic and thinking. So the time spent on this page of the site will not be wasted. And each of you will be able to get a portion of the useful intellectual load. We wish you an interesting game and successful completion of the most interesting puzzles. Good luck.

Recommended logic games

  • Dependencies. This game allows you to develop logical thinking, as you need to make a solved mathematical equation as soon as possible. Cards with numbers and mathematical signs are offered. When playing logic games, click everything in sequence, and double-click on the answer with the mouse. The cards will disappear from the field.
  • Fox Rotation 2. Do you like logic games? Crazy about solving logic puzzles? Do you love the laws of physics? Then this game is for you! After all, you will need to deal with the solution of simple and complex problems related to logic and basic knowledge of mathematics and physics. Have fun and complete all the levels of this entertaining game!
  • Beavers and blocks. This game is an exciting representative of the logic games section. On the screen you see square blocks in the form of small and large beavers. You must remove the blocks so that the big block rolls to the small ones. In subsequent levels, when the task becomes more difficult, you will need to think about how to roll to the small blocks of the big one without hitting the predator.
  • Life of the underwater world. This game is a good training of logical thinking and an exciting underwater adventure. Here is a little octopus who collects starfish and loves logic games. With the help of moving objects, help the nut get to the screw, and the octopus to get its stars.
  • Sleepy fructose. Terrible snoring haunts the inhabitants of the fruit country. You have to think about how you can transform the multi-colored freaks in order to launch them and wake up the dormouse. These logic games involve creative thinking. At each new level, the tasks are more difficult, but you have several attempts to complete them.
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