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Animal games invite you to play the most requested games of this genre on this page. Animal games are simulations of caring for a variety of pets. Animal games also offer to pay attention to other cute and unusual games: a variety of puzzles, coloring, educational and logic games

Animal games invite everyone!

There is hardly a single child in the world who is absolutely indifferent to animals. All children, who to a greater, who to a lesser extent, love representatives of the fauna. It's just that some people like dogs more, some like cats, others like parrots, and other children love wild animals, though from afar. That is why animal games are presented in such a wide variety.

Almost all children ask their parents to let them have a pet of some kind. Love for animals is especially strong in girls, so animal games for girls, cartoons about pets and toys in the form of animals are also very relevant. Animal games are different - ranging from ordinary lotos, where different animals are depicted on the cards, and ending with the fact that modern computer geniuses have developed a wide variety of games about fauna. In the world wide web of the Internet space, you can find a variety of animal games involving cats, dogs, birds, tiger cubs, cubs, and many other characters.

Animal games: legendary cats

If you still doubt what kind of furry pets to give preference to, we will briefly introduce you to the famous representatives of the cat family:

  • cat Leopold;
  • Felix the Cat;
  • Garfield;
  • Talking cat Tom and his girlfriend Angela;
  • Hello Kitty.

Kids's animal games

  • Fluffy's Kitchen Adventures. Great game for small children, although any adult will also enjoy playing such animal games. The game is that the kitchen floor is a mess. In the upper left corner, you click on the bone, and the cat walks as many cells on the floor as fell on the bone. Becoming on a certain thing, you get into the level and pass it.
  • Diego saves the animals. These animal games are about the adventures of Diego, the brother of the well-known Dasha, who, like her sister, cannot imagine her life without traveling and helping animals. From the cartoons with his participation, children learn about the different types of animals that Diego helps. If you want to plunge into the world of adventure and wildlife, then these animal games are just for you! Always, just hearing the call for help, Diego is already rushing towards him in his jeep. You need to make sure that Diego moves quickly, but carefully, because there is an impenetrable forest around, where it is very easy to roll over or crash into something. Your task is to collect bonuses on the way. And as soon as you notice animals that will need your help, save them quickly by playing animal games! After all, it’s not difficult for you to devote a few minutes to poor animals, for example, to pull a thorn out of a bear’s paw, to remove a monkey cub from a trap - Diego will easily solve these tasks, since he has your support!
  • Competition of dog breeders. Do you want to have a little and devoted friend? Try to take care of him first in the virtual space by playing animal games. You have everything you need for a comfortable existence of a dog, you just have to skillfully use it. Take good care of your friend so that he is healthy and cheerful. And he will delight you with his funny tricks.
  • Dasha and the unicorn. In order to be able to eat as many sweets as possible, you will need to perform well with your unicorn, try to prove yourself, and for this we offer you animal games. Be careful!

Animal games: how to take care of your pet

  • Cat shelter. In one of these games, you have four pets - the cutest cats, each with their own desires and whims. Your job is to meet their needs. Once you see what they want, try to fulfill it. Feed, clothe, and play. The main task is to do everything so as not to upset the animals. These animal games also develop time management skills, because it's not so easy to do everything, since you have four cats.
  • I love my puppy. And if your kid has been dreaming about getting a puppy for a long time, then we will offer another game. Everyone knows that dogs are our four-legged friends. They live with us and give pleasant moments of their communication. But in return, they demand care and concern from us - and this is taught to children's games by animals of this genre. After an active walk, you need to thoroughly redeem the dog and subtract beautifully. And, of course, after a pleasant drying, put beautiful clothes on the animal.
  • The mystery of the duck pond. How about taking care of a more extravagant pet like a duckling? Find a hungry animal in a large pond and feed it. This is not easy to do, but it is possible, and animal games will help you! When viewing the entire territory of the pond, a hungry duck will differ from the rest in a sad face and color, unlike its counterparts, which are the same color and all cheerful.

Animal games in all their variety

There are both exclusively entertaining animal games, and such games with an economic bias. Is it possible to say that animal games for girls are one of the most popular options for virtual computer games? Maybe yes. The essence of such games can be very diverse - from feeding, walking and caring for a pet, and up to various safaris and other adventure options.

In truth, although it is believed that there is a division into animal games for girls and boys, nevertheless, in reality, no one really follows the instructions set by the developers. So if you're the parent of a boy, don't be taken aback at some point by your son's request to buy a CD that says it contains animal games for girls too. Everything is quite understandable - it's just that your boy loves animals no less than girls, so he is also interested in walking a small dog and training it, even if it is virtual, online. And boyish amusements in the form of shooters and walkers, to put it simply, are tired of him. Moreover, if your child is interested in wildlife, he will be delighted to hunt on a safari, shoot wild boars, see elephants, tigers, crocodiles, feed flamingos, travel virtually to different parts of the globe, getting acquainted with the fauna of all countries and continents. But this will leave an indelible impression in the soul of your child about a fascinating, albeit virtual journey into the world of rare and beautiful animals. Therefore, do not make surprised eyes, and let your child enjoy playing with virtual animals, because this teaches them to be responsible later in relation to real pets, and in general, instills a sense of kindness and care. What is also very important at the stage of formation of the personality of the child. Let the animals play games and take care of them.

Not only kindly animal games

There are numerous cute animal games such as Tamagotchi and Match 3. And of course, do not forget about games involving animals such as dolphins, worms, snakes. And also birds and insects - from butterflies to all kinds of beetles. But there are also animal games for boys on our site, such as games about fishing or hunting animals, games about dinosaurs or monsters, if they can be considered animals.

Animal games about hunting and fishing

  • Penguins on a fishing trip. In this game you swim underwater and hunt fish with a harpoon. Your task is to calculate the shot and catch as many fish as possible to earn points. Catch small and big fish during this animal game, be careful not to catch the skeleton (this will waste time). Time can also be caught.
  • Hunting for ducks. In an interesting online game, you will need to open the hunt for real ducks. Initially, you will have your faithful assistant and friend - a dog who will drive animals out of the thickets and bring them to you. Your main task in this animal game is to hit the duck until it flies away. Management is carried out only with the mouse. It is this kind of entertainment that can, of course, cheer you up and allow you to pass a lot of time. Your mood will be lifted and you will not regret that you decided to play animal games on this page. The rules are quite simple and typical for games of this kind. The essence of the game is that you will have in your hands a gun with shotgun shells. You need to shoot the maximum number of ducks in a certain period of time. Aim and shoot - and no more complications! Seasons will change during the story and you will need to shoot as many animals as possible. Do not waste a minute of time while playing animals, because each duck appears in front of you on the screen for only a couple of seconds and there may not be a second chance. An exciting and unique game will be interesting for both adults and children.
  • Hunting for angry birds. Angry birds settled down the whole perch. They constantly chirp, but you can give a worthy rebuff to the feathered invaders. You have a special weapon - it's a big slingshot. And instead of charges, it is equipped with acorn ammunition. Try, without wasting charges in vain, to drive as many birds as possible. We are sure that you will like these animal games.
  • Running of dinosaurs. Meteorites are flying, fear and panic have gripped the dinosaurs. They run, fearing for their lives. Help them escape from this catastrophe during this animal game. Using the A, S, D keys, they will be able to take acceleration and jump when necessary.
  • Spearfishing. Swim deeper, where the fish scurry in whole flocks and start shooting at them with a net to catch as many as possible. Point your cannon towards a large cluster of fish, so that at least one of them will surely fall into your trap. The richer your catch will be during the game animals, the more money you will get for it.

Recommended animal games

  • Family of beavers. Everyone knows that animals like beavers are very fond of building. This time they were so carried away that as a result of the construction of their dams, one animal was cut off from the rest by strong barriers. During this game, the animals must try to destroy the well-established obstacles so that the beavers can meet and be together again.
  • Safari forever. We invite you to visit the Safari. Before you - mini-games in which the main characters will be animals from the safari park. You will solve puzzles, count animals, look for them. And in this way animal games will cheer you up. In general, pass the test for intelligence, attentiveness and ingenuity. Mouse control in the game.
  • Memory of animals. A fun and funny game that will impress any child! After all, now your children will develop the skills to identify animals and make them a pair. And good music and funny effects will keep you interested for a long time. Use your mouse to play animal games by clicking on the selected pictures.
  • Hares in the forest 2.You have a difficult task: you need to get the rabbit out of the clutches of predators! The poor eared was surrounded by bloodthirsty animals and the only way to save him is to fill them up with a tree! But how to do it is up to you. Such games animals develop ingenuity and ingenuity.
  • Samantha takes care of the animals. Do you like taking care of animals? Then you will love these animal games: open your small pet care room in a fun game. Now the owners bring you their pets every day. Follow their desires to play, eat and fulfill them quickly so that the pet does not have time to get upset. You can also bathe the little animal, dry it and put it to bed to sleep.
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