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Editor choice games for boys, girls and kids are the best games chosen by the editors of our site. Editor choice games for fans of a particular game genre are collected on this page. Editor choice games offer you the best of the best - click here to play bright and colorful games online right now.

Editor choice games for boys: war and more war

  • Special forces detachment. Get ready, as soon as you get into the game, consider that you are in the center of events and you can’t linger here. Editor choice games have appointed you to be a brave fighter, for whom enemy grenades are unaffected, and you dodge bullets with incredible speed. Represented? Then your task is to survive and go through the enemy rear as far as possible! You have enough cartridges to destroy the enemy, but grenades should not be thrown around in vain, because you have only 2 of them. Your fighter is controlled using the buttons A - run, S - jump, D - throw a grenade. Whether you will be able to win this battle and pass all editor choice games with dignity depends only on your reaction speed and ability to wield weapons. And since you are a Marine, then surviving is not only a goal, but also an honor for a valiant soldier!
  • Special operation. In this sentence of section editor choice games, the player acts as a member of the special forces unit. The detachment belongs to the counter-terrorism department, whose arsenal of weapons is diverse, but the main combat units are an assault rifle, rifle or pistol. The game belongs to the category of military strategies. The player will have an exciting and dangerous adventure. He travels to different countries of the world, to the most remote corners of the globe and enters into an unequal battle with evil terrorists. The cunning enemy constantly jumps out of cover in the most unexpected places, trying to destroy the player. The player's task is to eliminate the "bad guys" as quickly as possible and carefully monitor their health indicators. Editor choice games will significantly complicate the life of the player in the course of a combat operation, but after all, everyone knows what he is getting into by signing up for a special forces unit. The game regularly receives positive feedback from users. Many people rate this shooter as the best of its kind. You can play online, for free and without registration - so that everyone has the opportunity at any time to join the harsh rapid response group and save the world from a wave of terrorism and violence.
  • Special detachment. War games are another very successful move by the creators of virtual entertainment, which is especially popular among the males, although women sometimes also like to shoot. That is why we have collected them in subsection editor choice games. These entertainments are universal even for an age audience. In order to release all the negative energy and shoot enough - we advise you to play this wonderful game. The game takes place in a city that was recently captured by terrorists. They are unusually cruel in their demands, trying to get all the power they can and impose their rules on the locals. Editor choice games sent a special detachment to help the city, consisting of desperate and courageous guys. They must repulse the enemy group and return the inhabitants of the city to their former calm life. The government sent the military to this city for a reason, because the terrorists kill everyone who dares to oppose their will. Therefore, your main task is to destroy all members of the terrorist group: as soon as you find the bad guys, immediately open fire on them. Try to kill as many terrorists as possible, then you can guarantee the city peace and tranquility on its streets.

Editor choice games for girls: the perfect wedding is not easy!

  • Dress the bride on a special day. Like every girl, the main character of the game is waiting for her wedding. Help her choose an irresistible wedding outfit. Editor choice games should show her as a dazzling bride.
  • High-class wedding cake. Well, what is a wedding ceremony without a solemn removal and treat of all those present with a specially prepared, festive cake? Of course, you want this moment of happiness to be remembered by you and your guests for a long time. Then we suggest turning to page editor choice games, and doing this magical craft yourself. Your cake must be unique!
  • Forever happy. Sometimes, in a pile of various junk, you suddenly come across things that become very useful in the future. In this genre of games, there are both undoubted favorites and miserable outsiders. It would seem that what can be fished out of such a rotten topic as a business simulator? Many, in general, believe that these info-products are created for the sake of their creation. That is, they do not carry any payload and do not represent anything serious. But editor choice games disagree. I would like to take a closer look at this difficult issue. For a clear example, let's take this game: an ordinary simulator, with a somewhat primitive task. At first glance. The task of the game is to modernize an old store that has worked its resource. What happens when you start playing these editor choice games? The very first attempt looks very unprimitive, in which you need to choose the right interior that corresponds to the golden ratio - price-quality. A short note explains the perception of the interior, depending on what is planned to be sold in the store. Recruitment will also not be an easy task, because the goal that everyone is always happy is good as a slogan, but not easy to implement. It is worth trying your management skills by beating this game.

Shooting as a hobby. Editor choice games about archers

  • Funny archery. This free game is quite simple and interesting, that's why we suggested it in section editor choice games. A game with many levels, the further the more difficult. Your task is to shoot vegetables with a bow. You have an infinite number of arrows, but time is limited. So shoot at high speed, but don't forget to hit the targets. Get by with just one mouse to control.
  • Robin Hood. Today, Robina goes to the forest to hunt for monsters that have filled the whole space and do not allow people to hunt. But before she can proceed with the plan, she will have to practice. Editor choice games provide such an opportunity. Use the mouse cursor to control Robina's bow and change the direction of the arrow's flight, and by clicking on the playing field, you can shoot the arrow at the target.
  • Clothes for a hunter. This charming, sweet girl is a hereditary hunter, as several generations of her ancestors were hunters. Now the girl has just woken up and is just about to go hunting. Editor choice games will join you in this entertaining game to help the girl. Your task is to choose a beautiful outfit and comfortable shoes for hunting. Make the girl's hair and complete the look with accessories. Don't forget to take your weapons on the hunt.

Arcade - editor choice games for all times

  • First-class protection. In this game, you will need to make sure that your fortification is under reliable protection. Do everything so that no enemy can penetrate you! Editor choice games will provide first-class guns that will defend against enemies.
  • Funny physics. In this game, you need not only to aim well to hit the target, but also to predict the flight path of a ball fired from a sports slingshot at dice targets. At what angle should the shot be fired? Learn your marksmanship in the games of section editor choice games. The objective of the game is to knock as many targets as possible off the bars they are placed on.
  • Mini Sudoku. From magazine pages, the game of this genre migrated to the computer screen. Editor choice games noticed this and rushed to add her to their list of favorites. Fill in the empty squares by counting the numbers correctly and become a real Sudoku master.
  • Flash Tetris. The classic games have amassed a cult following around the world over the course of their long existence, and are therefore rightfully relegated to page editor choice games. Arrange the falling pieces in such a way that they leave no empty space. As the level increases, the speed of falling figures will increase.
  • Bomberman. This game is controlled using the keyboard by the hero, who must destroy his opponent with the help of bombs. And the bombs themselves can be installed just by the main character. Bombs can also break boxes, thereby digging a path to your opponent. Editor choice games have varying degrees of difficulty, in this game the bomb blast radius is small, while the enemy is very fast.
  • Mine sweeper. Accurate calculation will be able to ensure victory in such a game as a sapper. Pass it and take the well-deserved prize, despite the distractions, including music and design.
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