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Games for boys: fighting and racing, shooting games and rpg games, sports games and much more. Games for boys - everything that is important and dear to the male soul is presented on this page of our website. Games for boys, which are especially popular today, are already waiting for those who want to test their strength!

Games for boys - a reflection of the interests of the stronger sex

What do boys like to play? There are a lot of male hobbies, but we will try to highlight only the main ones that you will find in the games for boys category. If you want to become a racer and reach the top by becoming a champion - here it is possible! What if you want to feel like a hockey star and suppress enemy attackers? But what about the old dream of winning the World Cup and becoming the owner of the golden ball as the best striker? All this will become available to you if you choose games for boys on this page of the site.

Games for boys for free in all their variety

So, what are the most requested games for boys? They can be divided into several groups:

  • Racing games for boys. For lovers of drive and adrenaline, there are racing games with stunts that are especially popular today, where virtual drivers are invited to sit behind the wheel of a city car and make a difficult path to the finish line. "Driving with tricks" is also possible on water transport, the so-called jet ski or speedboat. For fans of more traditional races, he offered a bicycle and a motorcycle - such games for boys are also widely presented on our website for free.
  • Shooting games for boys. The most popular games of this genre today are pixel first-person shooters. The main character has a gun in his hands (and more advanced weapons at later levels), and he wanders through the labyrinth/forest/dungeon, trying to complete the task of the game: to destroy all enemies, and at the same time survive. You can shoot zombies, monsters, business competitors, or you can have a shootout with friends - it's up to you which games for boys to choose for free to practice shooting skills.
  • Rapid games for boys. Runners in the spirit of Super Mario have not lost their positions for a decade now. Why not? Such games for boys are presented for free on the pages of our site, and they are easy to manage, their goal and task are clear and uncomplicated: collect coins and bonuses, jump over obstacles - and you're done! The developers have spawned a whole lot of such games of rpg-platformers - which means that there is a demand for them. There are also games for boys, which we call adventure quests. In them, a character (and more often two) must complete a certain mission, overcoming all levels of the labyrinth. There are other varieties of the adventure genre, which we will talk about later.
  • Fighting games for boys. Martial arts, sword fighting and much more - are there any boys who do not like to fight sometimes? Of course, if there is a worthy reason, then there is a reason - so to speak, a bone of contention. We invite you to the section about fighting, because these games for boys are available for free in the corresponding category of the site.

Any sports simulators: basketball, football, volleyball, boxing - a whole new world will open up for those who want to play games for boys. Virtual entertainment is always something special, because all the boys in their hearts want to rule entire worlds, fight monsters and be the strongest athletes. But if in life your activity is in no way connected with this, you can still try yourself in the desired role: for this, just open the page of the game for boys for free and launch the game that interests you. Now everything boys want to play can be found in one section. And by making a couple of clicks, you can spend a lot of time here - unforgettable, fun and interesting. We wish you to conquer as many galaxies as possible, get as many trophies as possible and destroy the maximum number of enemies!

Online games for boys: heroes and plots

  • Friday Night Funkin music games are at the peak of popularity today, and, accordingly, the main character of this musical saga is Boyfriend, a little man with a microphone and a thirst to sing all the villains.
  • Slenderman is a long and thin person, or a zombie, who also always climbs on the rampage, trying to scare everyone with his ridiculous appearance while playing online for boys.
  • Numerous and varied trolls, orcs and zombies have become the heroes of many games, and even fell in love in a sense. Who would have thought twenty years ago that people would seriously discuss the zombie apocalypse - and that is now the coronavirus, and that's it.
  • Robber Bob is an exciting adventure game in which you need to get a treasure (well, or just something valuable and dear to your heart), making your way through the levels of a platform maze. Varieties of this online game for boys: clever thieves, zombie mission, last survivors and others.
  • Sonic - like Super Mario - is the permanent favorite of boys who started their gaming journey with consoles and joysticks. Interest in the person of a reactive and incredibly cute hedgehog, which modern youth have never heard of, was successfully fueled by a film with animation elements that was released a couple of years ago. So now the sixteen-year-olds know what a smart guy he is, with all the ensuing consequences.
  • Minecraft, and countless clone games, are also the ever-growing online games for boys. Contrary to the seeming (or even objective) primitiveness of the form, it is not easy to play such games, and it is also difficult to understand why they should be played.
  • Stickman, if we don’t confuse anything, started with the “hotheads” storyline, but gradually went beyond this paradigm, and now stickmen not only arrange shootouts on the city streets, but even play sports games. Look, stickman cooking games or worse are coming soon...

Thirst for activity and action - these are games for boys

Are you ready for new challenges? On this page of the site, the guys will definitely find something to do and face new problems. Drive your chosen car, or even a Formula 1 car in this game for boys. You need to compete, fight in tournaments and be the strongest in groups. Do you like to fly the F-16 fighter or do you like fighting and boxing games? Are you a real fighter and lover of extreme sensations? The boys games category is for men who love action games.

Choose from the collection on the games for boys page what you want to do. Here you will find games about planes and cars where you need to overcome obstacles correctly and safely. Also take part in fights - beat your opponent in the ring, because boxing is really modern and trendy games. Don't miss the opportunity to learn how to properly park your car in the parking lot.

These and many other games for boys are already waiting for their heroes! Progressive virtual games are equipped with excellent graphics, so here you can feel almost like in real life. Games for boys develop a reaction and an eye, they will turn even the most modest quiet person into a real superman, realizing his hidden potentials.

War games for boys

  • Space battle. Such games for boys will be interesting not only for novice gamers, but also for those players who consider themselves to be advanced and experienced warriors. Act as the savior of the world! Players have to control a space robot, which is set as the guardian and protector of all life from a possible threat from space. Games for boys are carried out using the keyboard keys, and the musical accompaniment and graphics of the game will let the players feel all the dangers that our hero will have to face. On the way of the character, who soars in the vast expanses of space, there are constantly obstacles, he is forced to fight with huge asteroids that are constantly approaching the planet. Games for boys free of charge involve an arsenal of weapons with which the fight against huge space blocks will be carried out, namely their methodical destruction and shooting. In the upper left corner of the playing field there is an indicator that will tell you about the health of the rescuer. Each collision with an asteroid causes irreparable damage to its health, so - if you can not destroy it - you just need to step aside.
  • Tank war. You and your opponent are well hidden, and you are far from each other, your task is to calculate the trajectory of the projectile so as to get to the enemy. We are sure you will like these games for boys.
  • An elite assassin. Games for boys present you with a blind assassin who has to escape from the fortress where there are a large number of enemies. Walk along this dangerous path with him, destroying your enemies with well-aimed bow shots. The number of arrows is limited, so try to collect all the coins you can use to purchase them.
  • GTA: bad guys. Get out on the busy streets of the city and play the role of a bad guy to cope with a responsible task. Games for boys of this genre will tell you the conditions of the game on behalf of the leader. Move around the park, collecting the necessary items, and do not ignore phone calls. Use hints to find the right vehicle to continue the mission.
  • Zombie Warrior 2. You control a zombie who ended up in a hospital. Experiments were made on him, and now games for boys for free tell you the following: take a saw in your hands and leave the hospital, cutting and killing everything in your path. There will be policemen, take a weapon and shoot them. And most importantly, Justin Bieber will be there.
  • Super Mario battle. In this game, loyal friends Mario and Luigi will again become your heroes. Defeat all the monsters and bosses in each level to advance to the next level. Play with a friend and this time you will have to work together to defeat all the enemies. We hope you enjoy these games for boys. Management in the game. Player 1: WASD - Move, Spacebar - Shot. Player 2: arrows - move, Enter - shot.

Strategy games for boys

Half Life

All Half-life games are distinguished by the fact that the plot develops directly in the game itself, and not in video screensavers, as in most similar online games. This, according to most critics and players, has become the main advantage of the game. In addition, all such games for boys are available both on paid portals and free ones. All Half-life games from the first minutes give the main character allies, and they are also recognized as the best games ever created. Not letting the competitors come to their senses, online games for boys and their developers release several applications of the Half-life game, which also had a huge success.

In 2004, the continuation of the game Half-life was released, which also earned the recognition of players and critics. The player sees through the eyes of the main character, and the development of the plot occurs during the game. Games for boys of this genre suggest drawing parallels with Stephen King's novel "The Fog" or with the TV series "The X-Files". Half-life belongs to the category of adventure games: here the main point is focused on the first part of the game, where the main character needs to get out of the center.

Half-life games for boys cannot convey all the sensations that are possible in online games. The protagonist of the game - Gordon Freeman works in a research center where experiments are carried out with a fragment of a crystal that fell into the hands of scientists. During the experiment, the crystal behaves unpredictably, disables the control system and forms a portal between the Earth and the Border World - this is the main leitmotif of this game for boys. Aliens come to reality, who behave very hostilely and destroy almost the entire staff of the center. Gordon is trying to find a way out of the center.

Half-life games for boys are divided into several chapters, during which events develop. There is no normal building by levels in this game. The first two chapters describe the experiment and give a general idea of ​​the center. In the third chapter, the catastrophe itself occurs, during which a portal appears between the worlds. Gordon is sent for help, and in the fifth chapter he learns that help did come, but the goal of the military is not to save scientists, but to destroy all witnesses. The following chapters of the game for boys Half-life tell about the ups and downs of Gordon in the process of finding a way out of the center. In the twelfth chapter, if the player is lucky enough to reach it, Gordon will get to the surface. But here, too, disappointment awaits him - on earth things are no better.

In the fourteenth chapter, Gordon finds out the reason for everything that is happening, and in order to get rid of the consequences, he has to go to the Border World to kill the creature that keeps the portal open. From chapters 15 to 17 of the online game for boys Half-life, Gordon travels around Xena in search of the main monster and finds it by teleporting to one of the factories. In the eighteenth chapter, a grandiose battle takes place that decides the outcome of the game - at the very last moment, when it seems that Gordon is dying among the ruins, the action is transferred to the nineteenth chapter, where the protagonist is made a tempting offer.

If the player accepts the offer, Gordon continues to wait for developments in the second part of the game for boys Half-life, and if not, he is teleported to Xen, where he dies among the monsters. The role of allies in this game is very important, because there are times when it is impossible to achieve the goal without them. If Gordon kills them, a message will appear stating that Gordon failed to use the human resources and the game will automatically end.

Half-life games for boys are interesting in that they work out interaction with nature, for example, Gordon can move a box to climb to the desired height. All games have several groups of opponents, which can be conditionally divided into alien enemies, US Army units that have orders to destroy everyone, and civilians. The third group is more likely to be allies, because they often help the main character, can heal and have access to some levels of the center, without which the game is no longer possible. The Half-life game can be started at any time on many game portals. Not all games for boys are so realistic, but still have a similar storyline and will appeal to fans of action games.

Heroes of Might and Magic

Heroes of Might and Magic games were released to the world in 1995, but for many people, games for boys in this genre have remained a favorite for many years. The game was positioned as a military strategy where you need to think. The gameplay of the first part is the basis for all subsequent games. Therefore, the subsequent parts of the game are similar to the original Heroes of Might and Magic in terms of the plot structure of the first part. These games for boys meet the same heroes for free, but already more hardened in battles, gained experience and wiser in life. The second game, Heroes of Might and Magic, has a more elaborate plot, but the third part is the most popular, even ten years later, various add-ons are released for it.

Many sites offer to try the Heroes of Might and Magic games for boys, which has attracted players who have been fans of this game for many years. Game companies very often release games for boys similar to the legendary Heroes of Might and Magic, but so far they have not been able to outshine the "Heroes".

The fourth part of NoMM (this is the abbreviation for the game) is a symbiosis of all the previous ones. The innovation of the part was that the monsters can move independently. The fifth part was released by another company, since the company that developed the first four declared itself bankrupt and sold its assets. This is the way games for boys go, one of the favorites of which is this game.

In 2011, the sixth part of the game was released. Games for boys Heroes of Might and Magic of this generation had a slightly simplified gameplay and high speed. The main goal of the game is to fight and capture the territories of other players in the network for the possession of cities, castles and forts, but in addition to this, you will have to explore new territories. By winning battles, the player gains experience, thanks to which he can move to the next level.

Games for boys Heroes of Might and Magic give the player the opportunity to fight against bots, and this is no less exciting. Various creatures can come to the aid of the player, his army can be expanded by mercenaries who will have to pay. You will have to fight not only with different enemies, but also with monsters that do not claim dominance, but can greatly hinder the achievement of their goals. But the main object in the process of this game for boys, nevertheless, remains cities, because it is in them that you can get access to resources, new types of weapons, and also hire new soldiers. Even after killing all the monsters on the level, the player will not reach the next level until he captures the desired city or finds the necessary artifact. The entire gameplay takes place on the map, which depicts cities, fortresses. By the way, the terrain can be different: there are mountains, valleys or rivers that you need to cross. In addition to battles, to complete this game for boys for free, the player has to build ships, fortifications or other fortifications. In the game, you need not only to fight, but also to ensure a reliable supply of resources.

You can find or organize mines or sawmills that will supply the necessary resources. The rarest resources are crystals that are needed for magic spells, and which can only be found. Games for boys Heroes of Might and Magic use magic, in the first parts of the game it was used only in battles and did not have any structure. But, for example, at the beginning of the third part, magic is divided into schools, each of which teaches its own skill. Having captured the city, the player can build a building there at his discretion and use the resources of the city for his own purposes. The owner of the city is considered the player who installed his flag in the city. Games for boys, especially Heroes of Might and Magic, are especially popular among the players. Gaming sites often enjoy the popularity of the already legendary game, and publish various analogues of it. Games for boys similar to the legendary Heroes of Might and Magic that can be found on the Internet are a little different from this war strategy and more like online shooting games. But still, there are those among them who are able to compete with the legendary Heroes.

Call of Duty

Fame and popularity for computer games either comes immediately, or never comes. However, Call of Duty online games for boys have become lucky in this matter, since the new development really met all the expectations of its fans and the developers themselves, who finally managed to create an unusual project. There are many exciting and witty stories among the versions of this game, and the latest novelty, released at the end of this fall, was the game Call of Duty: Ghost.

The multi-platform computer game is the main and most interesting development of Infinity Ward, and the release process has already fallen on the shoulders of Activision, which also produces Call of Duty online games. Now everyone has a great opportunity to try their luck and try their hand at a new gaming concept that is suitable for all major platforms, including eighth generation consoles, for which you can choose from various games for boys.

When planning to do something in your leisure time, as well as just have fun online, you can safely choose Call of Duty games for boys that can please with their intricate plot, puzzle the player with the missions to be completed by the main character, and also surprise with pleasant bonuses and a winning prize. , which awaits the player at the end of a difficult but exciting journey. Call of Duty games for boys, the series of which is replenished with the new version of Ghosts, which has become the tenth version in the entire group of an exciting virtual concept of Call of Duty games that can be played online.

It is worth noting that all Call of Duty games for boys are distinguished by their diversity, versatile options, but everything fresh always attracts more interest, as happened after the release of Ghosts. The tenth final version of the game is a completely new approach to the plot, missions, objectives and tactics of passing levels, and before that, newcomers are invited to try out all the online games for boys, after which they can claim to play in the “major league”. If we consider in detail the latest version of Call of Duty, which, however, has much in common with all previous releases, it is worth saying that the plot is centered on military events that erupted between the two American continents.

You can try your hand at the Call of Duty game for boys right now to leave the American wrestling in Ghosts, so to speak, for dessert, because previous versions of this game for boys will allow the computer gamer to refresh their shooting and combat skills a little, as well as practice on the most difficult levels, which are fraught with many interesting and unexpected surprises. All famous and popular games for boys in this series are united by a common multiplayer mode with new blitzes, charges and the ability to form entire army squads of soldiers.

All this is available online, and those who like to recharge their adrenaline and experience all the joys of interactive warfare are waiting for games for boys, which include the latest version of Call of Duty: Ghosts. As the developers themselves, who have already created a full-fledged series of Call of Duty games, share their impressions, action games in which all actions take place in the first person were able to gain considerable popularity not only at home, but throughout the world. All boundaries of prohibitions and restrictions have already been erased, as the new games for boys for free Call of Duty call for fighting in the name of patriotism, democracy and global freedom of the whole society. Players will enjoy such a strong motive, leading soldiers into battle, where they will have to fight in a massive battle for victory and recognition, where they will have to fight with blood and sweat for freedom and life, for the present and the future, in which there will be peace and love.

Racing games for boys: what is at the peak of popularity

  • racing stunts
  • racing for two
  • truck racing
  • police racing
  • high speed city racing
  • drift racing
  • bus racing
  • racing on water and even under water
  • extreme racing

Recommended games for boys

  • The tower of doom. Such games for boys offer you to make your tower inaccessible, to do this, each time improve its protective qualities and wait for victory over an opponent who cannot conquer it.
  • Mega drill. The hero of this game is trying to collect gold, which is in the bowels of the earth, with the help of a drill mechanism. The more gold, the more money that can be exchanged for the right things. There is one obstacle to this hard work in the process of playing for boys - time, which is very short. It is necessary to correctly calculate the trajectory of drilling the earth, so as not to lose time. Control the mechanism with the AD keys to rotate.
  • Bomber at war. Drop bombs from your aircraft on enemy targets. These games for boys for free instruct you to bomb all the enemy objects that you get on a mission. You will meet: enemy bases, submarines, cargo ships, towers.
  • Counter-flash 3. A gang is being captured, a particularly dangerous one that sells weapons to third world countries. A deal is about to take place in an abandoned mini-factory, you need to take the gang in the process of this game for boys red-handed, and the criminals are armed to the teeth. You will have a hard time, protect yourself, conduct accurate fire to kill, otherwise you will be killed. Aim with the mouse, double click - open fire.
  • Maneuvering competitions. Racing games for boys is when you are driving a racing car. By pressing the arrow, you increase the speed and when the speedometer is at maximum, try to stay on the track and not fly off to the side, as this will significantly slow down the movement. Try to show good results by reaching the finish line.
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