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Games for girls for the fair sex. The most interesting games for girls: dress up and cooking, cleaning and caring for babies. Games for girls will allow you to test yourself as a fashion designer or a hairdresser, a nanny or an obstetrician.

What are games for girls? Of course, first of all, these are dress-up, cooking, games with Babri dolls, cartoon characters that are super popular today, such as Winx fairies, Equestria girls, Monster High. But not only. Running and jumping, shooting, wandering, completing quests and solving puzzles - girls also like to do all this.

Games for girls available on this page of our site are distinguished by bright and beautiful graphics, quality of character drawing and other details that girls like so much. Cute, cute and kind characters who are destined to do good and make the world a better place - that's what awaits those who want to play games for girls. Here you will meet the heroes of your favorite cartoons and films, princes and princesses, wizards and sorcerers, many fabulous Disney characters. Each game has a romantic, adventure or other plot. So you want to play games for girls? - Then we invite you to this fascinating game world, where you can have an interesting and fun time.

Beauty games for girls

  • Girl dress up games. A huge variety of such games offers you to dress up a lot of popular cartoon characters and fashion dolls. For example, in the evening in a nightclub there will be a grand party, and our beautiful Blosom is among the guests. Now the girl is going to choose an outfit for the party, but for this she needs your help. Join this fun games for girls and help her. Use the mouse button to select a stylish outfit for the girl. Under it, choose comfortable, fashionable shoes. Then add decorations.
  • Nail care games for girls - pedicure and manicure. Girls know that well-groomed nails are an integral part of the image of a confident and successful woman. Therefore, it is so important not to stop monitoring your nails, visiting a beauty salon in a timely manner. Such games invite you to become a pedicure master and tidy up the nails of visitors using all the necessary tools.
  • Making games for girls. In these games you have to help beautiful girls transform into real beauties. Do her makeup from start to finish. First, clean your face and shape your eyebrows. Then a huge arsenal of all kinds of cosmetics will open before you, with the help of which you will surely be able to make a beauty queen out of a girl.

Housekeeping games for girls

  • Games for girls about house cleaning. The main character needs to put things in order in the room, where a terrible mess reigns at the moment. First you need to remove all the debris and wipe the dust. After that, start transforming the room by changing the color of the furniture with a brush. Make the room bright and cozy.
  • Room design in progress game for girls. We all dreamed of our own room, our own territory. We imagined what our room would look like, what kind of wallpaper we would put on, what kind of sofa we would put. In amazing room decor games, you are given the opportunity to create the design of your dreams. Using the mouse buttons, select the color of the walls, ceiling. Choose interior decor, furniture, textiles, home flowers.
  • Baby care is another fun variation on the girls game genre. Help the young babysitter in baby care game manage her little baby room with newborn babies. Click on the child and take him to the table with food or a bath, depending on his needs, or he may need to be changed. If the child wants to use the stroller, take the baby in your arms and the stroller will arrive immediately. The main thing in the process of this game for girls is that the babies did not cry for too long.
  • Laundry games for girls. These are very bright and exciting games. There is nothing complicated in them, but they will help to cheer you up and pass some time. Your heroine, whom you will control, is a nice-looking girl who started washing and now she faces the final stage - to hang and dry all the laundry. The first thing you'll see is the backyard of an apartment building with a bright green lawn and a clothesline with several pairs of clothespins hanging from it. On the right side of the screen there will be a basket with wet laundry, and on the left side of it there will be a basket in which you will stack clean and dried clothes. The task of this game for girls is as follows: take your heroine to the basket with wet laundry, take out one thing from there, then go to the clothesline and hang the laundry on those clothespins, under which the image of the sight will appear. Repeat until there are no empty clothespins left. When the laundry is dry, you will see a corresponding signal. Then you will need to remove it and put it in the basket with dry laundry. However, keep an eye on the weather - it is extremely changeable: either rain, or wind, or sun. You have an umbrella with which you can protect yourself and your laundry.

Games for girls: from the beginning to the present

If 10 years ago all the girls wrote with boiling water from games about Barbie, and even the simplest dress-up game gained an unreasonably high rating, now Barbie is played only by nostalgic forties (yes, there are some). Then we remember the era of Ladybug's wild popularity, and how the Internet was flooded with themed and branded games for girls with this heroine.

The latest - somewhat authentic - Disney princesses such as Rapunzel, Moana, sisters Anna and Elsa are still at the peak of popularity to this day. And many developers of mini-games exploit their faces in their game plots. Only the Scottish Merida did not like the girls, who was even called the “wrong” princess because she did not want to get married. But we still love the brave red-haired curly girl, and we invite you to play games for girls with her participation.

The creators of games for girls also remembered the well-forgotten characters - Ariel, Cinderella and Snow White. It would seem, who today would play with a princess drawn by Disney artists more than 50 years ago? - But no! The film industry somehow revives these characters, revealing their story in a new (and perhaps more complete) way. And now you already perceive Snow White almost as a national hero, and Cinderella is presented as a girl of a very difficult fate, and not just a moving cardboard who was unlucky with her stepmother, but animals and birds do all the work for her.

How games for girls are developing

Well, what is happening now? Game creators use familiar and recognizable faces, constantly risking "getting nuts" for copyright. But in parallel with this, they are taking a step towards creating their own heroines: drawing some female face, and then passing it through the entire range of popular games for girls available on the pages of our site.

And what are these games? Cooking has always been relevant for women, and we are sure that games for girls of this genre will never get old in principle. But in the wake of the wild popularity of simulation games, games about haircuts and hairstyles, and a variety of hospital games: dentistry, surgery, pregnancy management, took off.

Dress up games for girls have become more contextualized. Now you need not just dress up the doll to make it beautiful - the game gives you the task to dress according to a specific event in life: fishing, picnic, walking with friends. There were even games fashion fights! Games for girls invite all connoisseurs of unusual and colorful stories with their favorite heroines.

Games for girls of different ages

Games for girls can be divided into more and less simple ones. There are long "plot" games in which, for example, you need to prove yourself as a wedding organizer, going through all the stages of preparing the ceremony from "A" to "Z". Or games that are close to strategies, in which progress is inevitably accompanied by the need to play mini-games, gaining points and discovering new abilities of the heroine - for example, games for girls about Princess Juliet and some more.

But there are also simple - almost elementary games for little girls, in which the task is solved in just a few clicks: you need to choose one dress out of three or decorate a room for the holiday, based on a poor choice of interior items.

Recommended games for girls

  • Fair of gardeners. Today there will be a gardening fair. Charming Kara in the list of participants. She planted and watered her own vegetables all summer long. Now we need to help her harvest and send it to the fair. And then - to pick up a beautiful dress or suit for the girl. Wear comfortable shoes. Complete the look of this game for girls with fun accessories. Join the game and help the girl. Use the mouse to work.
  • Queen of the party. Choose the most chic outfit for the heroine's birthday party in this game for girls. On the top panel you will find all the necessary elements to create a delightful outfit. Make the girl the most sophisticated at this party.
  • Apple pie decor. The guests are already on the doorstep, and the fragrant treat is still in the oven. Hurry up and join the fun game and prepare the cake for serving. The cake should be not only tasty, but also beautiful. Your task in this game for girls is to use the mouse button to decorate the cake with whipped cream or jam. Add fruits and berries. Sprinkle with sprinkles and sweet beads. Add decor.
  • Delicious hot dog. Today, you and your family decided to go to nature for a barbecue. For a snack, you need to make a few hot dogs. Rather, join the process of this wonderful game for girls and start cooking. Take a cut bun and put a lettuce leaf, a sausage into it. Pour it all with ketchup or mayonnaise. Then choose a drink and prepare a tablecloth for serving. Use only the mouse.
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